Epoxy Floors

What are Epoxy Floors?

There are many different types of Epoxy Flooring available for use in different indoor or outdoor settings. Epoxy floors are very popular because of their resistance to high levels of foot traffic and they are the most customizable and decorative. They are also Chemical Resistant. A Metallic Epoxy floor can totally transform any room with its unique designs and swirls as each pour will have different results. A Flake Epoxy floor is the perfect choice for a Garage floor as it is very durable, anti-slip and offers protection for your floor. Quartz epoxy floors are perfect for manufacturing facilities, showrooms, commercial kitchens, warehouses and more.

Epoxy floors are created with different chemicals – mainly epoxy resins and hardeners that are mixed together to create durable long lasting floors that are highly resistant to impact and customizable for any space. If you need an elegant floor for a restaurant or need an extremely strong surface to withstand industrial work – there is an epoxy floor system out there for you. See below for examples of our epoxy work.